Child Care Response & Recovery Team

The Adams County Child Care Response and Recovery Team is focused on ensuring that all people who live in Adams County have continued access to sustainable, affordable, and high quality child care during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery effort. This includes identifying and lifting policy and system shifts that may be needed, and providing a space for clear, concise information and aid in real-time.

Child Care Response & Recovery Team Membership and Roles

Commissioner Emma Pinter LIsa Jansen Thompson
Commissioner Emma Pinter Lisa Jansen Thompson

This Response & Recovery Team is championed by Adams County District 3 Commissioner Chair Emma Pinter who is responsible for removing barriers, ensuring resources are available, and aligning policy to improve the strategic area. The Response & Recovery Team is chaired by Executive Director of Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County Lisa Jansen Thompson. Thompson is responsible for managing the effort and supporting the core team and larger Response & Recovery Team to move the work forward. The Response & Recovery core team determines data baseline and provides support with high-level strategy. Learn more about the Child Care Response & Recovery Team.

Child Care Response & Recovery Team Targets

  • Childcare facilities in Adams County that have remained open will continue to have their needs met (supplies, staff, and funding, etc.)  in order to continue providing childcare for essential personnel.
  • All essential personnel in Adams County have access to child care so that they can continue to serve essential roles in managing the COVID-19 crisis.
  • All people who live in and or work in Adams County have access to sustainable, affordable, and high quality child care during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery effort.

Strategies Underway

  • #1: Lift the needs that child care providers are identifying in real time for PPE, supplies, and resources to entities facilitating the collection and distribution of these resources and supplies.
  • #2:  Pulse Survey, a short and frequent survey, used to obtain data from parents over time about evolving needs around child care.
  • #3: Launching a concept testing survey to obtain feedback quickly from parents regarding health and safety concerns.
  • #4: Advocating for expansion of CCAP to authorize full time care for children in first grade and above during the school day.

Child Care Response & Recovery Team Big Wins

  • Temporary county policy changes to support Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) families and providers.
  • Barriers removed for essential workers using the Colorado Emergency Child Care Collaborative.
  • Supplies secured for child care providers.
  • The Anschutz Foundation awarded $25,000 towards scholarships structured to assist children/families who are participants or potential participants in the Summer BASE Program in Adams 12 Five Star Schools.

Join This Effort

Participate in weekly Response & Recovery Team meetings via Zoom – recurring date and time TBD. For more information about this Response & Recovery Team, please contact Lisa Jansen Thompson (ECPAC) .