Aging Adults Services Response & Recovery Team

Steve O'Dorisio
Commissioner Steve O'Dorisio
The Adams County Aging Services Response and Recovery Team is focused on meeting the needs of older adults during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery, including policy and system shifts that may be needed and to provide an avenue for clear, concise information and aid in real-time.

Aging Adults Services Response & Recovery Team Membership and Roles

This Response & Recovery Team is championed by Adams County District 4 Commissioner Steve O’Dorisio who is responsible for removing barriers, ensuring resources are available, and aligning policy to improve the strategic area. The Response & Recovery Team is chaired by Stephanie Knight of The Senior Hub and Rebecca Zamora of Adams County, who are responsible for managing the effort and supporting the core team and larger Response & Recovery Team to move the work forward. The Response & Recovery core team determines data baseline and provides support with high-level strategy. Learn more about the Aging Adults Services Response & Recovery Team.

Rebecca Zamora Stephanie Knight
Rebecca Zamora,  Community Safety & Well-Being, Adams County Stephanie Knight, Executive Director, The Senior Hub

Aging Adults Services Response & Recovery Team

A Response & Recovery Team is currently assembling around the issue of senior services from a regional perspective. Entities who are doing work related to senior services are invited to participate alongside community leaders in this collective effort so we can accomplish more together.

Aging Adults Services Response & Recovery Team Targets

  • Adams County mortality rate for aging adults 55+ will stay on trend in the absence of COVID-19, with the projected estimated mortality count for aging adults 55 and over at 2,532 for 2020.

Key Strategies

  • #1: Clear Communication of Resources
  • #2: The Well Elder Program
  • #3: Asset Mapping
  • #4: PPE Distribution to Older Adult Care Providers
  • #5: Basic Needs and Food Delivery
  • #6: Fraud Prevention

This dashboard includes:

  • Trends over time for the last three years
  • Data disaggregated by race, gender, and socioeconomic status
  • Forecast of the senior mortality rate for 2020 had COVID-19 not occurred

Aging Adults Services Response & Recovery Team Big Wins

  • $63,000 in funding was approved for the Well Elder Program by the Adams County Board of County Commissioners. This program will support data and volunteer coordination to conduct safe, structured, regular calls to aging adults throughout the Adams County community and provide companion support, reassurance, and resource triage.
  • Adams County has received and is actively distributing a $100,000 order of KN-95 and surgical masks to aging adult facilities throughout the county.
  • A resource collateral has been created and will be distributed to entities who have the infrastructure to ensure that aging adults throughout the county with limited internet access have equal access to resources and information.
  • 4,600 surgical masks were distributed to homecare providers on May 12.
  • KN-95 masks have been received by the county and are being prepared for distribution.
  • 1,000 Care Packages have been distributed to entities performing delivery to older adults.
  • Volunteers and community organizations are actively being onboarded to the Well Elder Program

Join This Effort

Participate in weekly Response & Recovery Team meetings on Wednesdays, 2 -3:30 p.m., via Zoom. Please RSVP on Constant Contact if you have not previously attended. To participate on specific subcommittees or for more information, please contact Stephanie Knight.