Mini-Grants Application for Small Businesses

As part of its COVID-19 emergency response and recovery strategy, Adams County has partnered with several local Chambers of Commerce to develop a series of mini-grants in separate categories to support small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 situation. Federal funding for the grants comes from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed by Congress.


NOTICE: Due to the immense interest in the mini grant program, Adams County is currently assessing funding availability.


There is more assistance for small businesses in Adams County through our Small Business Stabilization Program. Visit the website at to learn more and to apply.

Mini-grants are available in these categories:

  • Business operations mini-grants have a maximum award value of $2,500 per business applicant to use for operational upgrades such as building safety enhancements to encourage social distancing, personal protective equipment for employees and customers, adjustments to air or filtration systems, or other costs associated with the enactment of COVID-19 specific operations plans.
  • Technology upgrades mini-grants have a maximum award value of $1,000 per business applicant to use for items like point-of-sale terminals or systems, including contactless payment systems, touchless entry and exit for a physical business location, temperature screening, and technology needs for the enactment of COVID-19 specific operations plans.
  • Compliance issues mini-grants have a maximum award value of $1,000 per business applicant to use for expenses such as legal support or guidance for operations during COVID-19, consulting support for operations during COVID-19, and expenses for preparation of variance requests to public health agencies.
  • Winterizing operations mini-grants have a maximum award value of $5,000 per business applicant to be used for items like portable forced air heaters (and propane fuel), patio/mushroom heaters, electric heaters, fire prevention equipment (extinguishers and signage), tents, clearspan structures (or the like), furniture and other outdoor decor to expand capacity to the outdoors during the winter season. Fees associated with 3rd party delivery services are also an eligible use. This category is only open to restaurants, senior care facilities, and childcare centers.
  • The rent/mortgage assistance mini grant has a flat award amount of $5,000 per business applicant to use for rent or mortgage expenses. Grant funds must only be used for the rent or mortgage of the business location. Businesses must be impacted by the additional level 3 restrictions (for more information regarding Safer at Home, please click here). Home based businesses do not qualify for this mini grant category. 
  • View full eligibility guidelines in English or Spanish.

To be eligible, businesses must meet these criteria:

  1. If a business has already been awarded a mini-grant for one of the categories through the Adams County COVID-19 Small Business Mini-Grant Program, they cannot apply for another grant from the same category. However, if they have not been awarded a mini-grant from one of the categories, they are still eligible to apply for that category.
  2. If a business was previously denied a mini-grant through the application process, they may submit a new application.
  3. At the time of application and throughout the term of the grant program, a business must have its primary office/headquarters specifically within Adams County, and/or located anywhere in the municipalities of Arvada or Westminster (even if in Jefferson County).
  4. Businesses should have been open since at least Dec. 31, 2019, or prior, and must have 100 or fewer employees at the time of application.
  5. The business must be able to demonstrate direct and sizeable impact from COVID-19 and subsequent public health orders on operations.
  6. Business owners may apply for up to one mini-grant per outlined category but will do so with a unique application for each category sought. A business owner owning multiple businesses is eligible for only one mini-grant in each category, not one grant per business.
  7. The business cannot be in default or be actively planning default at the time of application, and in full and good faith be in the process of reopening operations.
  8. Business must have direct physical in-person interaction with potential customers at a physical business location as the primary function of business operations. Home-based businesses, fully remote/virtual businesses, 501-C(6) nonprofits, and consulting/legal/ accountancy/financial with primarily remote customer engagement are ineligible. Home-based businesses for the primary purposes of in-person education/childcare customer services will be deemed eligible.
  9. There are no restrictions on the type of business eligible for mini-grants so long as the activities of the business are legal and in the best interests of the community. Cannabis, third-party liquor sales, and adult entertainment businesses are ineligible.
  10. Franchise businesses and subsidiaries of national corporations may be eligible only if having a local ownership control model and can adequately demonstrate that no relevant support from franchised corporation or national partner was or will be available. If a franchise owner oversees multiple local locations within Adams County, mini-grant application(s) will only be accepted for one location.

Please contact Max Daffron at 720.523.6820 or for more information.


In Partnership With:

Adams County COVID-19 Response & Recovery
Adams County Regional Economic Partnership
Arvada Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber - Aurora
Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau
Commerce City Chamber of Commerce
Westminster Chamber of Commerce