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Housing Stability Response & Recovery Team

Housing Stability (Rent Assistance)

The Adams County Housing Stability Response and Recovery Team is working to keep people in their homes and ensure residents other housing needs met during the COVID-19 crisis. This includes identifying policy and system shifts that may be needed, and providing an avenue for clear, concise information and aid in real-time.

Housing Stability Response & Recovery Team Membership and Roles

Commissioner Eva J. Henry Peter Lifari
Commissioner Eva J. Henry Peter Lifari

This Response & Recovery Team is championed by Adams County District 1 Commissioner Eva J. Henry who is responsible for removing barriers, ensuring resources are available, and aligning policy to improve the strategic area. The Response & Recovery Team is chaired by Peter Lifari, Executive Director of Maiker Housing Partners. Lifari is responsible for managing the effort and supporting the core team and larger Response & Recovery Team to move the work forward. The Response & Recovery Team core team determines data baseline and provides support with high-level strategy. Learn more about the Housing Stability Response & Recovery Team.

Strategies Underway

  • #1: Provide emergency, short term rent, mortgage, and utility assistance to households that are most vulnerable to eviction or foreclosure (COVID-19 Short Term Rental and Mortgage Assistance Fund)
  • #2: Determine anticipated needs to sustain and scale rental and mortgage assistance supports, and align additional avenues of unrestricted funding to meet these needs
  • #3: Ensure permanent housing options for unsheltered residents impacted by COVID-19 (TBRA Voucher Program).
  • #4: Ensure tenants receive appropriate due process and legal support as courts resume eviction hearings.
  • #5: Expand and scale existing rent, mortgage, and utility assistance programs encompass landlord direct payment options.
  • #6: Provide a “rapid settlement” legal aid strategy where landlords and tenants can apply and receive expedited assistance to prevent tenants from being evicted and landlords from accruing additional debt.
  • #7: Ensure clear communication and navigation of resources for residents and resource/care navigators.

Housing Stability Response & Recovery Team Subcommittees

Subcommittees are currently in development.

Housing Stability Response & Recovery Team Calls to Action

Secure emergency rental assistance for those who have the most extreme need or are at risk of becoming homeless. The first call to action will be tied to an existing call to action for the Adams County Foundation to allocate $150,000 to each Response & Recovery Team.

Housing Stability Response & Recovery Team Big Wins

  • To date, the Rent, Utility, and Mortgage Assistance Fund has provided 203 rent, utility and mortgage checks to 83 households totaling $233,468.
  • To date, nearly $2 million in rent, utility, and mortgage assistance has been secured for Adams County residents.
  • Governor Jared Polis extended the state’s executive order limiting evictions, foreclosures, and public utility disconnections for an additional 15 days if tenants can show they are in default due to financial hardship.

Join This Effort

Participate in weekly Response & Recovery Team meetings on Mondays at 2 p.m. via Zoom. Please RSVP on Constant Contact (Link to come soon) if you have not previously attended.

For more information about the Response & Recovery Team, please contact RMC2C backbone staff at 970.515.9892 or