Business Support Response & Recovery Team

Business Support (Small Business Owners)

The Adams County Business Support and Retention Response and Recovery Team is working to meet the needs of businesses during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery efforts, including policy and system shifts that may be needed and to provide an avenue for clear, concise information and aid in real-time.

Strategies underway:

  • #1: Small Business COVID-19  Operations Mini-Grant
  • #2: Small Business COVID-19 Technology Mini-Grant
  • #3: COVID-19 Relief Loan (Colorado Enterprise Fund Loan Product)
  • #4: Small Business Stabilization Program
  • #5: AdCo To Go

Business Support Response & Recovery Team Membership and Roles

Commissioner Mary Hodge Ryan Nalty
Commissioner Mary Hodge Ryan Nalty

This Response & Recovery Team is championed by Adams County District 5 Commissioner Mary Hodge, responsible for removing barriers, ensuring resources are available, and aligning policy to improve the strategic area.

The Response & Recovery Team is convened by Adams County Director of Economic Development Ryan Nalty, responsible for managing the effort and supporting the core team and larger Response & Recovery Team to move the work forward. The Response & Recovery core team determines data baseline and provides support with high-level strategy. Learn more about the Business Support Response & Recovery Team.

Business Support Response & Recovery Team Targets

A baseline is currently in development around the business retention rate in Adams County. Specifically, the Response & Recovery Team will be considering:

  • Trend over time of business retention over the last three years of data available
  • Data that is disaggregated by sector and industry
  • A forecast for 2020 business retention had COVID-19 not occurred


  • Targets will be recommended based on the previous three years, disaggregated data, and the 2020 forecast.

Business Support Response & Recovery Team Subcommittees

  • The Adams County Business and Industry Emergency Response Council (ERC) will gain an understanding of the challenges facing Adams County industries, businesses, and employees as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and identify potential policy and program solutions that can be implemented to assist in the immediate response efforts and eventual recovery. The ERC will also become a senior conduit to share business best-practices throughout the Adams County business community. Through this council, Adams County Commissioners are working to learn about what industries and employees are going through and how they are responding to this crisis to better understand what policies and programs can best serve the needs of the Adams County business community now and into the COVID-19 recovery process.
  • The Business Outreach Subcommittee will relay information about critical services and programs available to businesses, including Spanish-speaking-, women-, and minority-owned businesses, across multiple platforms.
  • The Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Subcommittee will engage industry leaders to provide information on issues impacting the financial, insurance, and real estate industries. This group will identify the extent of the economic impacts, suggest strategies and policies, and find ways to speed post recovery at the local level and support requests for state and federal emergency funding.

Business Support Response & Recovery Team Big Wins

  • The AdCo ToGo Restaurant Campaign is live, featuring an interactive map of restaurant offerings in Adams County.
  • Shaun Egan, CEO of Iron Woman Construction, has donated 1,000 surgical masks to five Adams County facilities.

Join This Effort

Participate in weekly Response & Recovery Team meetings on Thursdays, 2-3:30 p.m., via Zoom. Please RSVP on Constant Contact if you have not previously attended. To participate on specific subcommittees, please sign up here [link to come].

For more information about the Response & Recovery Team, please contact RMC2C backbone staff at 816.547.2679 or